This site provides a central resource at Cornell for information about science communication. By that term, we mean primarily communication of science with non-specialist audiences. Other names for the field include outreach, popularization, public engagement in science, and public communication of science and technology (PCST), etc. When available, we will also point to information about science communication among specialists.

The goal of SciComm@Cornell is to provide a landing page for people interested in learning more about how to do public communication of science and technology. Both the site and the “scicomm” tag on events highlight training opportunities, talks about the process of public communication, etc. To avoid overloading the calendar, we are not tagging specific outreach events, popular lectures, or similar items; we want to keep the focus on the process rather than the product.

This page is under construction. Please contact Bruce Lewenstein (bvl1@cornell.edu) with any questions.