Cornell University Courses on Science Communication

The following science communication courses are offered at Cornell.

Undergraduate courses

  • Comm 2850, Communication, Environment, Science & Health
    • Survey course on all the ways communication plays a role in science
  • Comm 3020, Science Writing for Media
    • Professional development course in science writing
  • Comm 3070, Communication for Impact: Developing Strategic Messages
    • Professional development course, focuses on sustainability issues
  • Comm 3032, Science Writing Practicum
    • Professional development course, attending a science conference as a science journalist
  • Comm 3210, Communication and the Environment
    • Conceptual course exploring issues of communication and environment
  • Comm 4660, Public Communication of Science & Technology
    • Conceptual course exploring concepts in PCST
  • Comm 4860, Risk Communication
    • Conceptual course exploring risk communication
  • Entom 3350, Naturalist Outreach Practicum
    • Development and delivery of science outreach programs
  • Entom 3360, Naturalist Outreach continued
  • PlSci 3940, Skills for Public Engagement

Graduate courses

  • Comm 5660, Science Communication Workshop
    • Hands-on weekend workshop, public communication of science and technology version
  • Comm 5660, Science Communication Workshop
    • Hands-on weekend workshop, communication among specialists version (new in Fall 2014)
  • Comm 6660, Public Engagement in Science
    • Recent scholarly work on public engagement
  • Comm 6760, Public Health Communication
    • Theory of public health communication
  • Comm 6860, Risk Communication
    • Theory of risk communication
  • Entom 7100, Mastering the Art of Scientific Writing
    • Professional writing for entomologists


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